About Ruby McMenemy-Taylor

The artist at work


My left ear lobe was cut off in an accident when I was a young child.  The first I knew is when my mother started screaming.  That was when I felt the pain.  I was rushed to the then local hospital where luckily it was sewn back on by a surgeon at Bangour General.

I discovered years later that I share my birthday with Vincent Van Gogh, and I guess the similarities end with the fact we’re both artists, the ear thing [his was self inflicted], and  mental illness.  I’m bipolar, as well as being physically disabled.

I was first encouraged in my artistic abilities by my primary school head teacher, who liked my painting of pink, blue and white snow [aged 5] so much that she hung it in her office.  All positive comments came from my school teachers and peers, leading to my college diploma in art & design and subsequent university degree in humanities and social sciences, majoring in ancient history & classical archaeology.

My work has appeared in the Oxford International Art Fair, The Lady Magazine, and Howden Arts Centre to name a few.

Enjoy looking at my work, and feel free to contact me with any comments and/or questions.  I will always make time for fans of my work.

I hope you will love my work as much as I loved creating it.

Talk soon,

Ruby McMenemy-Taylor



5 Comments Add yours

  1. Tooba says:

    You are an amazing artist and great humen being….


  2. Martyn Hamilton says:

    Cracking work Ruby !!!


  3. Jen says:

    Hi Ruby,

    Your art is amazing! Hope everything is going well with the national trust etc.



  4. Daisydeeds says:

    Hey Thanks Ruby. You are multitalented. Love the celtic knotwork you do and then theres your ability to paint in all different styles.!! Wow.!!


  5. Tracey Chisholm says:

    Hey Sis,
    nice web site, you are so talented and i am inmensley proud of my historian/artist sister.
    Love Tracey


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